Southwest Michigan is home to many North American wildlife species. From field mice to brown bear, it’s all around us, and living right next door sometimes! Animals don’t tend to respect property boundaries or even roads sometimes. We are very aware that we share our local environment with these most beautiful of God’s creatures and invite you to do the same. We hope you share this awareness that we all live together with them. Life that is precious and important to all of our well being.

We have a lot of important information here we hope you will digest and help with our work. Some animals take great care to properly aid, or you will do them more harm than good. Some animals should be left alone by non-certified animal handlers completely. Contacting us first in most cases is our best advice. Because we are focused on the animal’s recovery, we are treating them all with the utmost respect and dignity rather than just applying a game management philosophy.

The best way you can help is making a monetary contribution or by volunteering your time. Every year we have to say no to someone that has animals in need of rescue. We’d like to see the day come that we’d never have to say no again. But, the needs are always great and our means are fixed by the amount of support we get from others.

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