It was a beautiful day to release Tazz, Sara Lee and Piper… turn around and start all over with new rescues. 🙂 Its bittersweet watching them wander into the real world.  Piper (red squirrel) still returns to her nesting box but Tazz (raccoon) and Sara Lee (fox squirrel) have found their way. We are currently caring for 12 raccoons (8 babies), two bunnies, and continue to care for our releases. Our trail cam has shown some rather interesting friendships. Baby season has just begun so I’m sure our numbers will triple soon. Enjoy the variety of pictures that represent everything we do at Hope4Wildlife.



IMG_7017 IMG_7051 IMG_7146 IMG_5179 IMG_5192 IMG_5215 IMG_5231 IMG_5246 PICT0047 PICT0056 PICT0072

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